The 30 Minute Oasis

It’s cold and dark and snowy and windy. The roads are icy, there’s frost on the trees, on the car and on my eyelashes. Winter gives us cabin fever, we feel irritable and restless. We crave warmth and sunshine, wanting to feel it soak into our bones. We get bored, listless, unmotivated and depressed. It’s January in Canada. (More specifically it’s January in Edmonton. If you haven’t experienced it before, my Vancouver friends, it’s a special thing. A special thing from hell.) I’m honestly not complaining. Merely stating facts. There are trade offs in life, no matter where you live. We Canadians have a democracy, public schools that don’t totally stink and more than one choice of toothpaste. We’re blessed and there’s not another passport I would rather hold. But it’s cold. Scary, angry, wicked cold. And dark and windy and snowy…. Picture painted. And, yet, in this bleakness there is an oasis. It gives you the same endorphin-like, energizing high of palm trees, steel drums, blue blue BLUE skies and the biggest, warmest sun you can imagine.

It’s the Hit in January!

You walk in the doors and the energy hits you in the face like a warm breeze off the Caribbean. The music is loud, heavy beats and good melodies. Piles of wet shoes and winter boots by the front doors, tossed off in a hurry in order to get on the floor fast. There’s piles of fresh new gloves, lined up and ready to be broken in. The place is full of new girls, many of them hitting for the first time. Their smiles and exclamations (“This is awesome!”), reminds all of us veterans how we felt when we were new. When we threw that first punch and knew we’d finally found that something we didn’t know we’d been missing. It’s so cool to see the regular Hitters taking the newbies under their wings, showing them the ropes, making them feel comfortable and offering encouragement. (“You should’ve saw me when I first started skipping!” and “Stick with it – it gets even better!”) We’re motivated and inspired by the newbies, bravely toughing our those first few workouts. We’re all rocking fresh gear and it feels good. The trainers are busy and happy, pumped to share their passion and happy to be making a positive difference in women’s lives. There are reunions after the holidays, many girls seeing their gym friends for the first time after the busyness of the holidays. There’s laughing and catching up. There’s agonizing workouts that remind us of the few too many cookies we ate. But it’s good to be back in the routine. There’s an air of excitement, the possibilities of a new year and a fresh start. There is resolutions and goals, and a determination to become all that we know we are. Sure, sometimes it’ll be tough but we’ve got a confidence that we can get where we want to be. All we gotta do it stick with it. And we’ve got our oasis. Our place during these winters where we know it’ll be warm (and sweaty), energizing and rewarding and it’ll give us the boost we need to make it through some of those heavy winter days. There is still a few chilly months to come but I don’t mind. I’ll count my blessings, keep Hitting and know that when it’s finally summer, I’ll peel my layers off with confidence.

Never stop Hitting, friends!


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Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer Round 2

Click this link to be inspired –    Kick the $%!* Out of Cancer Round 2 .

October will be the month that all 30 Minute Hits will be Kicking the *&%! out of Cancer.

This event is personal to me, as it is for many of us.

What does this event mean to me? It means giving myself, my daughters and my mom a fighting chance against Cancer. 10 years ago my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I watched her lose her hair, lose one of her breasts, lose her smile, lose her energy and strength but not lose her fight. She is now a 5-year survivor! I will also help fight the fight for those who can no longer fight or who are just starting their fight and don’t have the energy.

Please join me and your other 30 Minute Hit members in Kicking the *&%! out of Cancer and help win the real fight!

If you are a member please join us in this fight by going to and choose the location that you are a member of.  Sign yourself up for a small fee of $10 (includes a great t-shirt) and start fundraising. For the whole month of October we will sign your shirt for every time you make it through the circuit and Kick the *&%! out of Cancer. Not a bad way to get in shape!

If you are a non member, please support us in this cause by making a donation on the same web site. Every bit counts.

Thank you to everyone who has made this event possible and I look forward to working out hard for this cause.

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Challenges Can Be Fun!!

Another great blog from a 30 Minute Hit owner.

This one is from Charmaine – Vancouver Hit

Since I’ve been a 30 Minute Hit owner the pitfalls of instant gratification in our society have become very apparent to me. Even I have to remind myself to step back and enjoy the journey. Goals are necessary for clarity, but there is a transformation along the way that should be appreciated as well.

Many times I am asked how I got such toned arms, what do I do to keep my stomach flat, etc.  This is a result of 20 years of a fitness lifestyle!  A lot of push-ups, planks, whatever along the way. “Oh, those are too hard!” is the response I get. Really… so that’s it??? I didn’t pop out of my mother’s womb being able to do all those things -especially push-ups-  like it was no big thing! They were hard for me too!!! … ;0))))

When did difficult translate to don’t even try? If it took several years to get out of shape, EXPECT that it’s going to take time to get back into it and start seeing results. Hard is GOOD, if something comes too easily it doesn’t usually stick, i.e. fad diets anyone?

If you walk through the doors with the mindset that this workout or a particular station or task is hard, you are setting yourself up for a struggle. Try looking at it a different way. YOU DID IT!!! It is a hard workout and you DID it!! Can’t do push-ups? Fine, start with one. When you feel comfortable with one, add another. Look at that! YOU DID IT!  Be proud of the steps you are taking towards improving your health. The icing on the cake is that the mental and physical transformation will benefit every aspect of your life.

I used to dislike challenges. But then I started rewarding myself for my accomplishments along the way. Now it has turned into an annual event where I do something that scares me… but my mind is already on the reward:)

There are two things I feel are important on your journey to reaching your goals. One is to be proud of yourself for taking every step along the way! The other is to believe that you are stronger than you think you are. I KNOW you are, you will too if you just keep going.

Happy Hitting!!!!

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A Summer healthy eating challenge…..

Hey girls, here is a quick and simple way to clean up your eating and feel great in no time. I challenge you all to try eating like this for a week……. You’ll be feeling so good by the end of the week that I bet a lot of you will stay with it.
Enjoy your summer feeling beautiful and healthy!

Drink a gallon of water a day
Cut back on salt, sugar, or any sweetener from your diet
Eat oatmeal and berries for breakfast or an egg white veggie scramble or omelet.
Make a large veggie salad for lunch and/or dinner w/ 1 T. healthy oil based dressing and a lean protein.
Choose lean proteins and green veggies when possible at your other 2-3 small meals.
Snack on fruits and veggies like apples and berries.
Make yourself some tea at night!

Take out all processed food and if you have more starch limit it to sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinioa and oatmeal.

Try to keep these servings at a half cup per serving.
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Summer is a very busy time, kids out of school, weather inspiring you to stay active and the heat making it harder to eat. I dug up this little recipe that I posted last year from 30 Min Hit Owner – Stacey Firth. It’s a perfect little snack for you when your on the go or for right after your workout. They are the perfect mid day pick me up. A better choice than reaching for the chocolate!


1 cup honey (or alternative if you’re vegan)
1 cup peanut butter (don’t use Kraft— use Adams crunchy mmm)
1 cup cocoa powder

& anything else you want! I like to put the following in mine:
*shredded unsweetened coconut
*flax seeds
*dried cranberries
*sliced almonds
*pumpkin seeds
*sunflower seeds

etc etc etc!


In a separate bowl, combine cocoa + all your tasty little choices (seeds, nuts etc..). Leave it until later.

Stir honey into a saucepan until nice and smooth. Once smooth, stir in peanut butter until blended.

Once blended, combine all other ingredients. It should get really hard to stir. Once all combined, press into a brownie-sized pan (sprayed with olive oil pam, lightly).

Put in the fridge for 2 hours, slice up into bars and keep in the fridge!

Can stay in the fridge for 30 days – or freezer forever!

You can replace cocoa with protein powder if you’d like. You end up having to use more than one cup. Play it by texture :D

WARNING: These things are addicting. Only eat one a day. Maybe as a snack before your workout or when you crave your sweets the most. 3pm, this is what I eat.


Feel free to share your results/thoughts etc.

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Bored? That’s crazy talk!

Someone asked me the other day if girls ever get bored with the circuit.  I had to chuckle and it got me thinking about whether that happens.  I can honestly say no one has ever told me they’re bored at the Hit.  On the occasion that boredom is mentioned to me, it’s usually as a reference to some other form of exercise in the past that they didn’t stick with. I always think of ‘boredom’ as an excuse for laziness or lack of engagement in life.  I probably got that from having parents who, if ever were to hear you utter ‘I’m bored,’ could find an unending list of things to learn, goals to accomplish or barns to clean.  So as a sidenote to boredom, if you ever think you’re spiritless or disinterested with something in life, look at yourself! Are you sitting around passively and complacently expecting to be entertained, to be stimulated externally without effort or engagement on your part? Consider what you’re bringing to the table.  Find the elements that challenge you or find ways you can become more passionate.  Like everything in life, its always a matter of perspective.  That said, we all have to find something we love. Not everyone wants to develop the focus required to run marathons.  Some would rather not embrace the silence and meditative aspects of yoga.  Mountain biking does NOT appeal to me. That’s fine, we’re all different.  But there is something for everyone and the Hit satisfies a lot of requirements for most women when it comes to fitness.  Engaging, challenging, fun, efficient, technical and energizing.  It’s all there.  All you have to do is bring an attitude of focus and commitment.

Become passionate about what you are doing.  No matter what it is.  Your job, your relationships, your eating, your exercise.  Obviously you chose them for good reasons, there must be certain aspects that are fantastic.  Delve deeper.  Develop more passion by learning more and by challenging yourself.  Become what you are doing.  Runners don’t get bored with running.  Basketball players don’t get bored with basketball.  Fit people don’t get bored with fitness.  Artists don’t get bored with art. Hitters don’t get bored hitting.  As runners, bball players, fitness buffs, artists and hitters they know that the key to fulfillment is not constantly being exposed to new things, it’s becoming better at what they already do.  Seeking mastery, not just half-heartedly dabbling in a whole bunch of crap.  They have chosen to become what they do and with that choice they will have greater, deeper and more rewarding experiences.  They put the time in to develop a real love and passion for what they do.  They are consistent, committed and driven.  These are the people we look up to.  We might admire them for their accomplishments, excellence, fitness, or excitement for life.  It’s not rocket science.  They simply immerse themselves in their life.  Ask them if they ever get bored.  They’ll just chuckle.

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Don’t Skip Out!

Another great blog, by another 30 Minute Hit Owner

~ Eron (Chilliwack Hit)

Its common, a new member comes in for their Free Trial and is nervous of the circuit ahead. We all want to think we are masters at everything we do, we are women after all…Super Women! But it happens all too well, we get to the first station of warm up and the anxiety heightens. Why, because we are asked to do something that we haven’t done for most of us in years….SKIPPING!

Believe me we have ALL been there. The first time you face the rope is awkward. You may feel clumpsy, you may trip on the rope or your feet a few times, or more. Some of us even experience frustration just trying to get the revolutions of the rope going.

Let’s be honest, the worst part of learning to skip again, is getting over the fear of looking silly. But let me tell it to you straight, no one is watching, they are busy with their conquering their own circuit ahead and have learned that their 30 minutes is important and are focused on their workout.

Now we do offer modified warm up activities if you are truly not able to continue skipping due to medical or physical limitations. However, if you are physically and medically sound to skip, DON’T SKIP OUT ON THE BEST WARM UP FOR YOUR CIRCUIT!

You come to 30 Minute Hit to maximize your full body workout in 30 Minutes. To feel the sweat you have worked so hard to excrete from your pores. To know you can’t possibly do another 2 minutes at the end of your circuit because you are depleted and know you have just burned some serious calories and worked your muscles like no other workout in just 30 Minutes. You want to push hard at every station and you do. So grab that rope and make sure you are truly getting a great warm up for the 28 minutes ahead.

Skipping is extremely important for our circuit. It warms your body up quickly, it stretches  and loosens your muscles with every jump, it jacks up your cardio in prep for the conditioning on the circuit and it warms up your wrists that you will be working hard with every punch!  What more do I need to say, if you want to experience the full benefits of this workout, get your skip on! Try it out every warm up for 30 days, you’ll be surprized how much better you will be at it in no time!

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Wrapping up!


It bothers me that not enough of you are wrapping your wrists for boxing. Wearing wraps is just as important as wearing good shoes. (some of you need newer shoes as well but that’s another blog)

Back to the topic of wraps, I bet you’re thinking “I don’t hit the bag that hard” (even though you should and could be) but ANYONE hitting the bags should wrap. Your wrists are very important. You need them in any hand movement you do and like all other bones in your body, they can get arthritis, YUCK! .

Wrapping your hands will only prevent any injuries that may occur, such as bruising, abrasions and fractures. Who doesn’t want to prevent that?

I’m asked about wraps once someone is feeling weak in the wrists so this is my time to tell you all to purchase your wraps today, (we sell them!) before your wrists are sore and get on your way to better punches with proper support.Don’t worry about not knowing how to wrap, all 30 Min Hit trainers will be happy to show you and it’s easier than you think.

PS, I believe if we all just walk around with our wraps on, no one will want to bug us! Ha ha

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The workout isn’t working ~ Written by Halifax Hit

I want to take a minute to talk about what it means for a workout to be “working out”. Sometimes you get discouraged, think you are not reaching your goals, and conclude “the workout isn’t working’. Here are a few morsels to mull over for you. There is so much to consider and so much to this debate, and I get easily carried away, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

The workout is working, maybe just not as fast as you hoped. To be honest, there is no over-night way. Things take time. And think about goal setting. Good goals are measurable and reasonable and have a fixed date. They can also have milestones along the way. Decide what your exact goal is, by when you want to attain that goal, and if there are milestones, what they are and when. And lastly, most importantly, make sure your goal is reasonable, actually attainable.

Interestingly, most of the time, we hear “this workout isn’t working” when the goal is related to weight loss. We don’t hear this when the goal is Being Healthier, Being Stronger, Being Fitter, Being Happier, Feeling Better; only when the goal is weight loss, which is often a way to express wanting to be skinnier. Often, it’s not about the number of pounds or kilos on the scale, it’s about what that translates to in looks. And this is where the crux is. This is what bugs me the most.

Weight and looks don’t translate directly. Sure, they’re related, but the truth still remains that fat is lighter than muscle. So two people with the same size, one with a higher body fat index than the other, will weigh very differently. They will also look very differently in their posture, and in how they carry themselves. And I would bet money they both feel very differently.

I want to say: “Throw out your scale!” because it drives me mad seeing how many women have themselves in this headlock of thinking that their pounds define their body image. That one single number, which isn’t even constant in a single day, by the way, has such power over them. Divorce weight from looks, and most importantly divorce it from your wellbeing and self-worth. There is so much more to “weight loss”: In inches, how is your body changing? Not just your waistline, but also your butt, your thighs, your chest, your arms, etc. – all of you. How do you look in the mirror? How do you feel in your body?

I want to bet you when you work out regularly you will feel better and look better, even in a completely unquantifiable way other than that you *look* and *feel* better. And happier! And isn’t that ultimately the goal of becoming thinner aka losing weight? We haven’t even touched on health benefits yet…

Every body is different. And I don’t mean that in a “we’re all unique individuals” kind of way, but quite exactly every physical body is a bit different. Your body might react differently from what you expect, or from what others have described in what sounds like “the same situation”. Or even what you have experienced at a different time in your life. You change, your body does too. So back to the part where I said the workout might be working, but not as fast as you think. It could be that your body is reacting a bit more slowly than what you read somewhere or what someone said you should experience or simply than what you expected. On top of that, there are a number of factors that play into you reaching your weight loss goal. There’s what you eat, there’s how much sleep you get, how much TV you watch, how sedentary you live your life, how your mind works in all of this.

Then there’s one more thing, which brings us back to the workout itself: how much you actually put into your workout. Showing up and carrying out the motions is not enough. You’ve got to come in and go all out, give everything and push yourself a little past your own comfort zone. It’s proven that the mind gives up thinking you’ve spent everything before muscles are exhausted. So you can always push a little more. Raise your own bar. And do it every single time.

This workout is working. You are working it. The workout is not a separated entity outside of you. It’s you doing the work. So come in, give it your all and a wee bit more and start looking at the big picture! You’ll see.

Steffi and Phil
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Mothers setting an example

I am inspired to write about the Moms at my Hit. With it being Mother’s Day weekend, I feel the need to praise them for all they do. Not only do many work full time jobs they also cook, clean, shop, organize their families and mend the boo-boos; they also take time for themselves to stay healthy for their families. They have scheduled in 30 minutes into their daily routine (not an easy task some days) so that they can de-stress from the daily grind, lose inches to feel more attractive, and learn self-confidence. This makes them strong, powerful, beautiful women who will only in turn pass this on to their children.

Too many children are hooked up to their “gadgets” but the kids who come to the Hit, and watch their Moms, are being inspired. These kids want their Moms to punch and kick harder and talk about being able to grow up and workout as hard if not harder than their Moms. What a fantastic thing to teach your kids! Fitness should be taught that it’s a life style, not a fad or craze to lose 5 pounds.

Burnaby Hit Moms should enjoy their Mother’s Day; they have worked hard for it in every aspect of their lives! We recognize and appreciate all they do!

With that said, my own mother (66 yrs old) is climbing Mount Matchu Pitchu for Mothers Day! If that doesn’t say inspiring, I don’t know what does!


Happy Mothers Day to all of you fit Hit Moms!

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