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I’m a yeller.  Being loud and having a lot to say comes naturally to me. ( I got it from my dad.  He was one of those pulpit-pounding preachers.) I’d say the vocality has served me well training at the … Continue reading

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Hydrate, Water, H20!

I am in aw of the number of girls who don’t drink water during their workout. I personally can’t seem to go a station or two without needing a small sip. Something to wet my palate, make me feel a … Continue reading

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The Hit In The News

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Getting started!

30 Minute Hit has been apart of my life for the past 3 years. I stumbled into this amazing workout wanting something other than the traditional gym. I fell in love with this workout the first time through and told … Continue reading

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Be strong

Its a little snowy and a little sunny and a whole lot of fabulous here right now. Wow.  The things I have learned from the remarkable women that come to the Hit here.  I guess it’s a two way street.  … Continue reading

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I’m so excited for 2011!

Tonight was really so much fun!  Its definitely busier after the holidays, everyone getting back on the program after the excesses and downtime of the Christmas season.  There’s a lot of out of breath groaning, red cheeks and sweaty, exhausted … Continue reading

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