Mothers setting an example

I am inspired to write about the Moms at my Hit. With it being Mother’s Day weekend, I feel the need to praise them for all they do. Not only do many work full time jobs they also cook, clean, shop, organize their families and mend the boo-boos; they also take time for themselves to stay healthy for their families. They have scheduled in 30 minutes into their daily routine (not an easy task some days) so that they can de-stress from the daily grind, lose inches to feel more attractive, and learn self-confidence. This makes them strong, powerful, beautiful women who will only in turn pass this on to their children.

Too many children are hooked up to their “gadgets” but the kids who come to the Hit, and watch their Moms, are being inspired. These kids want their Moms to punch and kick harder and talk about being able to grow up and workout as hard if not harder than their Moms. What a fantastic thing to teach your kids! Fitness should be taught that it’s a life style, not a fad or craze to lose 5 pounds.

Burnaby Hit Moms should enjoy their Mother’s Day; they have worked hard for it in every aspect of their lives! We recognize and appreciate all they do!

With that said, my own mother (66 yrs old) is climbing Mount Matchu Pitchu for Mothers Day! If that doesn’t say inspiring, I don’t know what does!


Happy Mothers Day to all of you fit Hit Moms!

About Teri

Teri is married and a mother of two girls. She is the owner of the Burnaby Hit and has been open since 0ct 2010.
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  1. Stacey Firth says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Teri!

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