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~ Eron (Chilliwack Hit)

Its common, a new member comes in for their Free Trial and is nervous of the circuit ahead. We all want to think we are masters at everything we do, we are women after all…Super Women! But it happens all too well, we get to the first station of warm up and the anxiety heightens. Why, because we are asked to do something that we haven’t done for most of us in years….SKIPPING!

Believe me we have ALL been there. The first time you face the rope is awkward. You may feel clumpsy, you may trip on the rope or your feet a few times, or more. Some of us even experience frustration just trying to get the revolutions of the rope going.

Let’s be honest, the worst part of learning to skip again, is getting over the fear of looking silly. But let me tell it to you straight, no one is watching, they are busy with their conquering their own circuit ahead and have learned that their 30 minutes is important and are focused on their workout.

Now we do offer modified warm up activities if you are truly not able to continue skipping due to medical or physical limitations. However, if you are physically and medically sound to skip, DON’T SKIP OUT ON THE BEST WARM UP FOR YOUR CIRCUIT!

You come to 30 Minute Hit to maximize your full body workout in 30 Minutes. To feel the sweat you have worked so hard to excrete from your pores. To know you can’t possibly do another 2 minutes at the end of your circuit because you are depleted and know you have just burned some serious calories and worked your muscles like no other workout in just 30 Minutes. You want to push hard at every station and you do. So grab that rope and make sure you are truly getting a great warm up for the 28 minutes ahead.

Skipping is extremely important for our circuit. It warms your body up quickly, it stretches  and loosens your muscles with every jump, it jacks up your cardio in prep for the conditioning on the circuit and it warms up your wrists that you will be working hard with every punch!  What more do I need to say, if you want to experience the full benefits of this workout, get your skip on! Try it out every warm up for 30 days, you’ll be surprized how much better you will be at it in no time!

About Teri

Teri is married and a mother of two girls. She is the owner of the Burnaby Hit and has been open since 0ct 2010.
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