Bored? That’s crazy talk!

Someone asked me the other day if girls ever get bored with the circuit.  I had to chuckle and it got me thinking about whether that happens.  I can honestly say no one has ever told me they’re bored at the Hit.  On the occasion that boredom is mentioned to me, it’s usually as a reference to some other form of exercise in the past that they didn’t stick with. I always think of ‘boredom’ as an excuse for laziness or lack of engagement in life.  I probably got that from having parents who, if ever were to hear you utter ‘I’m bored,’ could find an unending list of things to learn, goals to accomplish or barns to clean.  So as a sidenote to boredom, if you ever think you’re spiritless or disinterested with something in life, look at yourself! Are you sitting around passively and complacently expecting to be entertained, to be stimulated externally without effort or engagement on your part? Consider what you’re bringing to the table.  Find the elements that challenge you or find ways you can become more passionate.  Like everything in life, its always a matter of perspective.  That said, we all have to find something we love. Not everyone wants to develop the focus required to run marathons.  Some would rather not embrace the silence and meditative aspects of yoga.  Mountain biking does NOT appeal to me. That’s fine, we’re all different.  But there is something for everyone and the Hit satisfies a lot of requirements for most women when it comes to fitness.  Engaging, challenging, fun, efficient, technical and energizing.  It’s all there.  All you have to do is bring an attitude of focus and commitment.

Become passionate about what you are doing.  No matter what it is.  Your job, your relationships, your eating, your exercise.  Obviously you chose them for good reasons, there must be certain aspects that are fantastic.  Delve deeper.  Develop more passion by learning more and by challenging yourself.  Become what you are doing.  Runners don’t get bored with running.  Basketball players don’t get bored with basketball.  Fit people don’t get bored with fitness.  Artists don’t get bored with art. Hitters don’t get bored hitting.  As runners, bball players, fitness buffs, artists and hitters they know that the key to fulfillment is not constantly being exposed to new things, it’s becoming better at what they already do.  Seeking mastery, not just half-heartedly dabbling in a whole bunch of crap.  They have chosen to become what they do and with that choice they will have greater, deeper and more rewarding experiences.  They put the time in to develop a real love and passion for what they do.  They are consistent, committed and driven.  These are the people we look up to.  We might admire them for their accomplishments, excellence, fitness, or excitement for life.  It’s not rocket science.  They simply immerse themselves in their life.  Ask them if they ever get bored.  They’ll just chuckle.

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