The 30 Minute Oasis

It’s cold and dark and snowy and windy. The roads are icy, there’s frost on the trees, on the car and on my eyelashes. Winter gives us cabin fever, we feel irritable and restless. We crave warmth and sunshine, wanting to feel it soak into our bones. We get bored, listless, unmotivated and depressed. It’s January in Canada. (More specifically it’s January in Edmonton. If you haven’t experienced it before, my Vancouver friends, it’s a special thing. A special thing from hell.) I’m honestly not complaining. Merely stating facts. There are trade offs in life, no matter where you live. We Canadians have a democracy, public schools that don’t totally stink and more than one choice of toothpaste. We’re blessed and there’s not another passport I would rather hold. But it’s cold. Scary, angry, wicked cold. And dark and windy and snowy…. Picture painted. And, yet, in this bleakness there is an oasis. It gives you the same endorphin-like, energizing high of palm trees, steel drums, blue blue BLUE skies and the biggest, warmest sun you can imagine.

It’s the Hit in January!

You walk in the doors and the energy hits you in the face like a warm breeze off the Caribbean. The music is loud, heavy beats and good melodies. Piles of wet shoes and winter boots by the front doors, tossed off in a hurry in order to get on the floor fast. There’s piles of fresh new gloves, lined up and ready to be broken in. The place is full of new girls, many of them hitting for the first time. Their smiles and exclamations (“This is awesome!”), reminds all of us veterans how we felt when we were new. When we threw that first punch and knew we’d finally found that something we didn’t know we’d been missing. It’s so cool to see the regular Hitters taking the newbies under their wings, showing them the ropes, making them feel comfortable and offering encouragement. (“You should’ve saw me when I first started skipping!” and “Stick with it – it gets even better!”) We’re motivated and inspired by the newbies, bravely toughing our those first few workouts. We’re all rocking fresh gear and it feels good. The trainers are busy and happy, pumped to share their passion and happy to be making a positive difference in women’s lives. There are reunions after the holidays, many girls seeing their gym friends for the first time after the busyness of the holidays. There’s laughing and catching up. There’s agonizing workouts that remind us of the few too many cookies we ate. But it’s good to be back in the routine. There’s an air of excitement, the possibilities of a new year and a fresh start. There is resolutions and goals, and a determination to become all that we know we are. Sure, sometimes it’ll be tough but we’ve got a confidence that we can get where we want to be. All we gotta do it stick with it. And we’ve got our oasis. Our place during these winters where we know it’ll be warm (and sweaty), energizing and rewarding and it’ll give us the boost we need to make it through some of those heavy winter days. There is still a few chilly months to come but I don’t mind. I’ll count my blessings, keep Hitting and know that when it’s finally summer, I’ll peel my layers off with confidence.

Never stop Hitting, friends!


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