The Hit

Since its conception in 2004, 30 Minute Hit™ has successfully created a culture that inspires and empowers women as they make the 30 Minute Hit™ part of their lifestyle. We have created an environment for women that is exciting, comfortable and rewarding all at the same time. For many women, “THE HIT” becomes a “third space” away from home and work and much more than just a workout.

It is a place to meet friends and make them. It is a place to bring the kids or a quick escape from them. It is a place where women have ownership of something that is just for them with no distraction.

It is a place to recharge and a place to and relax. It is a culture of empowered women that identify the 30 Minute Hit™ as an important part of who they are. The 30 Minute Hit™ has created a comfortable and inspiring environment where women can punch, kick, sweat, learn, burn, and smile their way to results they never thought possible.

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